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Lux Fitness Phone Wristband

Be in control of your media as you dive into your fitness regime. Be in tune with your phone as you ride, run or cycle. Be one with your phone at any given moment. This product is perfect for those who want to navigate through GPS on the fly. We know you luxers are busy individuals with tight schedules. We want the most out of a workout when we venture out to new places. Be bold, adventurous, and dare to try something new. Are you up for the challenge?




Sports outdoor projects1: Running, fitness, mountain climbing, cycling
Sports outdoor projects2: Fishing,Yoga,Driving navigation,Takeaway express ride
size1: universal 4-7 inch mobile phone;such as: iPhone 12/12Max iPhone 13/13Max
size2: universal 4-7 inch mobile phone;such as:iPhone 11/XS
size3: Galaxy s21 ultra/ S21/S20/ S10+ note10,and all other android;
Commodity series: Running wrist bag, sports running series, mobile arm wrist bag
Color Classification: Black and blue