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Lux Banana Powder

 Banana powder:

Get the best of your makeup with our popular Banana Powder, waterproof with long-lasting oil control. Use the default sponge that comes with the product or your everyday Beauty Blender. Grab your Beauty Blender and get it nice and wet. The logic to this is If the sponge has already absorbed some water, it won't absorb any liquid foundation or other products you put on it, which means your foundation will go on your face instead of the sponge. Just wash it before you use it. Back to the important part. Once you have the blender wet, squeeze the excess water out. Once it's nice and bouncy, you can proceed to bounce to the next part. Take your powder and dip the tip of the blender in, then dab onto the areas under your eyes and cheekbones to set your concealer. A Beauty Blender works better than most brushes out there. Try one and see the difference. You won't regret It, I Promise :)

Product information:
  • Packaging: 1pc/color box, 3 doz/middle box, 24dz/ctn
  • Net content: 15g
  • Weight: 0.07kg/ box
  • Size: 7.1*7.1*3.5 (CM)


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