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Lux Lip Moisturizer

Sexy Red
Rose Pink
Lovely Peach
Sweet Orange
Cherry Red

Are you prone to dry lips? Well, You're in luck. With this, your lips will never be dry again. Dive deeper into the world of beauty with Lux's lip moisturizers' everlasting beauty. Perfect for a date or just a casual meeting. We know you will look your best in any situation, wherever you are. With its compact form-factor, you can bring it everywhere so that you can get your last-minute touch-up before the big event. We want to give you the best quality of products for the best price to cater to all our customers. It is not just for beauty but also for healthier lips. Do you remember the last time your lips dried out and peeled itself? It wasn't pleasant, right? Our lips peel due to the absence of oil glands also means that your lips do not produce natural moisturizing factors or elements that keep your skin's outer layer protected and hydrated. Another reason is Saliva. Saliva is comprised of enzymes that are meant to break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, which are what your lips are made of". "You are literally digesting your lips when you do that," says skincare experts. Keep a lip moisturizer with you (in your pocket, gym bag, etc.) so that when you have the urge to lick, you swipe instead—quoted from a skincare expert. Apply daily for best results. 



Benefit:Moisturize, Hydrating, and Nutritious
Type: Lip Gloss
NET WT: 12ml
Quantity: 1
Size: Full Size