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The Beauty Manual

This book was made for readers who want to learn about make-up and beauty. In this book, you will learn the utmost essential topics on beauty in a step by step guide. We will be guiding you along this journey, do not worry even if you're a beginner and know absolutely nothing! We're here to make beauty the norm. We're here to fight the battle of procrastination and laziness. In life, many of us learn new things all the time. But unfortunately, only a very few of us take action. Our sole purpose is to reach out to people that want to take action and elevate their beauty and confidence. Part of it is breaking free of low self-esteem but not knowing where to start. That's where we intervene to provide the essential yet crucial information for you to take the first step. As a loyal luxer, which I believe you are, you will know that we give a tremendous part of our knowledge to the public for FREE. However, knowing that you have to contribute a small fee for our ebooks edition, it helps us to grow and create better content and products for you guys. In return, we provide a more in-depth and exclusive premium expertise that will not be released to the public on our site. With that being said, let us jump right into the golden nuggets of beauty and make-up.