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Vitamin C Skincare

April 15, 2020 3 min read

Vitamin C Skincare

Have you ever heard of Vitamin skincare routine? Well, I am pretty sure that most of you have. To be specific, Vitamin C Skincare. Many of you have always wondered how does Vitamin C and skincare blend in together as a whole. What are the benefits of having Vitamin C in your skincare, and how will it enhance your skincare routine. Today we will be taking a deep dive into this topic of Vitamin C Skincare and what are the challenges that you may face. Let us get right into it. 


As you might already know, Vitamin C is pretty well known as a wrinkle fighter or an anti-aging agent. One of the main objectives in Vitamin C skincare is to increase the synthesis of collagen, a structural protein that is found in the skin. The additional benefit of Vitamin C skincare is related to its capability of countering free radicals, which causes damage to the skin itself. 


Unfortunately, the Vitamin C skincare faces a significant challenge today. This is related to the oxidation tendency of Vitamin C skincare products. On coming in contact with any oxidizing agent (e.g. air), the Vitamin C in the Vitamin C skincare products gets oxidized, thus making the product useless. As a matter of fact, counter-effective. The oxidized Vitamin C imparts a yellowish-brown color to the Vitamin C skincare product. That is something that you need to check before purchasing a Vitamin C skincare product. Even after purchasing the Vitamin C skincare product, you need to store it properly and keep checking that if it's still good to use. Make sure that it hasn't attained a yellowish-brown texture. 


Manufacturers of Vitamin C skincare products all around the world have tried dealing with this oxidation problem in multiple ways. The research on Vitamin C skincare products is definitely on the top of their list. You may ask, how can we counter these problems? Well, one of the methods of retaining the effectiveness of Vitamin C skincare products for a long term is to keep a high concentration, about 10% of Vitamin C. However, this makes the Vitamin C skincare products even more expensive. Vitamin C skincare products are already pretty affordable, By doing the things that I've mentioned earlier on will not only make the products more expensive but it will also throw manufacturers out of business. Nevertheless, there is another way and that is to use Vitamin C derivatives like ascorbyl palmitate and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. They are not only more stable but also pretty affordable. Even though the derivatives based products are not as effective as the Vitamin C skincare products, their stability against oxidation is a very desirable feature that makes them very attractive. Not to mention, these are known to be much less irritating too. 


Now onto the topic of the effectiveness of Vitamin C skincare products, it is essential to mention that not everyone responds to Vitamin C treatments. With that being said, it is not a magic potion of any sort. If there isn't any noticeable difference in your skin, it might be because of your skin not responding to Vitamin C treatment, and the Vitamin C skincare products might not be at fault at all.


As more research goes on, one can only keep our fingers crossed and wait for a complete solution to the challenges faced by Vitamin C Skincare these days.

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