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How to Lose Weight Fast: Beginner's Edition

July 07, 2020 3 min read

How to Lose Weight Fast

Forget supplements, juice cleanses and banning entire food groups. Today we'll be teaching you on how to plan your weight loss program in just a week. As you might have noticed on the title, this is a Beginner's Edition(not to worry it will be just as effective!) and not to mention it is effortless to follow along too. So you guessed it right, there will be an Expert's Edition coming in the near future, so remember to subscribe to our newsletter so that you'd be first to get notified when that happens!


Thus, the program's idea is to be able to develop a consistent approach to weight loss and a healthy endurance when exercising. The program's objective is to get rid of the excesses in your body, the excess fat. Not the healthy and lean muscle tissues and body fluids.


First off, the program requires your focus and dedication, so you need to be prepared mentally and of course, physically. It is of utmost importance that when commencing on any weight loss program, one should be positive enough to work for the results. Most people get impatient quickly and easily, but long term effects are assured as long as one sticks to the weight loss plan at hand.


Stretch, stretch, and stretch some more. Before actually doing those exercises and working out those muscles, a little stretching is compulsory to avoid any injury or soreness in your body.


It is also not advisable for anyone to try too hard and know your limits; otherwise, you might risk injuries, which will slow you down. Everything should be done in moderation. Find the level of exercise and training that suits you. It should be enough for you to be comfortable in but not too convenient that it will not be much of a challenge.  


Day one of the program involves a long and steady hike in a little over twenty minutes. After the hike, follow it up with a good stretch. This takes so little of your time for the first day. In less than an hour you have taken that first step to a weight loss program that could work to your advantage.


By the second day, it is good to focus on an upper-body workout. This maintains your strength to be able to go through the whole program for the week. 


On the third day, a brisk walk or jog for ten minutes is in order. For beginners, a lower body workout should also be done in the evening.


On the fourth day, a good rest is in order, as well as a good stretch. This lag time should be used wisely, though to sort out any negatives in your mindset. Mindset is the key to everything, not just weight loss.


The fifth day starts with a pleasant ten-minute walk. Exercise the lower body in four sessions of workouts, follow this up with another ten-minute walk, and another four sessions of lower body workout.


Moving on to the sixth day, it should be spent on a low impact exercise such as swimming. To avoid boredom, do not be afraid to try something new. The last day of the week is a time to solicit the support of the people you care about. Spend time with them or get them to be with you in your long walk. Again, follow up your walk with a light upper body workout.  


This is just the beginning. If by this first week you can stick to the program, you have a great chance to boost your weight loss further and stay with the plan until you achieve your desired result. Try as much as possible to be unlike the people who give up easily just because they could not see the result they want when they want it, like this moment, today, now! Patience is a virtue. The same way it took your body time to gain all that weight, think about it as the time your body will have to exert just to get rid of it.  

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