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Do THIS to Save Money & Look FABULOUS!

June 02, 2020 3 min read

Do THIS to Save Money & Look FABULOUS!


Welcome back luxers family. We hope that everything is going well for you during this tough and unprecedented period. We recently launched a brand new E-Book that has been in work for a really long time! The E-Book consists of the utmost essential topics on beauty in an easy step by step guide. Currently, we've received pretty good feedbacks from it and it has limited quantity left, so you definitely do not want to miss out on it, I promise.


Now let's get into the one thing that can save you money & look fabulous! Have you ever heard of organic skincare and wondered what it is and how it works? Today we will be educating you on it, and we hope that you will at least learn one useful thing and apply it in your life.


If it can be done naturally, why go for artificial means, right? This is the basic premise on which organic skincare works. Organic skincare is the most natural way of skincare. In fact, organic skincare was probably the first one to be used by man when it first woke-up to the needs of his skin Organic skincare is not only friendlier to skin, but also inexpensive thus allowing you to save a good amount of money. If executed in the right way, organic skincare can definitely prevent the occurrence of a lot of skin disorders and also help keep your skin healthy and young-looking for a much longer time.


Did you know that organic fruits and vegetables are the most popular things in organic skincare routines? Things like cucumber are extremely common in organic skincare routines. Not to mention, turmeric, apple, papaya, ginger are others that find a wide use in organic skincare routines. These organic materials have a tremendously refreshing and vitalizing effect on your skin. Almost every skincare book or guide has a section on organic skincare, including the actions of various fruits and vegetables on the skin. Therefore, choose the ones that are more suitable for your skin type and start experimenting with them until you finally select the ones most suitable for inclusion in your organic skincare routine. It is crucial that you use fresh organic fruits and vegetables; this is not the part where you want to save that penny, trust me. Never try to use the rotten ones for your skin; their only place is the garbage bin.


You might be wondering, are fruits and vegetables the only options available? Well, of course not! Milk is known to possess excellent cleansing properties; in fact, the name of some skincare products contains the word milk in them. A combination of milk with ground oatmeal acts as an astonishing cleanser. 


Ground oatmeal is especially useful for oily skins and is a popular ingredient in an organic skincare regimen. It is used in various combinations e.g. with egg, honey, milk and fruits, for preparation of organic facial packs. 


Wheat germ is another ingredient in organic skincare procedures. It is rich in vitamin E and is known for its exfoliation as well as moisturizing properties. In various combinations with other organic materials, wheat germ is used to prepare facial masks for normal and dry skin types. Wheat germ oil is another way in which wheat germ is used for organic skincare. 


Next up would be yogurt and sour cream. They are organic materials that are popular for their exfoliation and moisturizing properties. 


The use of organic honey is also popular in organic skincare procedures. It helps in the retention of moisture and helps impart a glowing look to the skin. 


This one is one of my personal favorite, rosewater. Rosewater takes its place as a toner in organic skincare routines. Not to mention, Lavender water is popular too. Its smell makes you sleep better and easier. Skincare at aromatherapy both at the same time! What a steal.


Organic skincare uses combinations of various natural materials that complement each other and enhance each other's effectiveness. Besides, these combinations are also helpful in over-riding the harmful effects (if any) of various organic materials that form them. 


Organic skincare is remarkably an art that, once perfected, can give fantastic results in a very cost-effective manner.

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